Love from the first sight guaranteed

15 August - 28 August 2019

Why travel? Why with us?
This journey is an expedition. An expedition where you might find your true self. Behind the comfort zone, in the warm hearts of your travel mates, in the smiley and welcoming faces of local people. An expedition where you discover your new self - behind what you thought you are really capable of, behind the doors full of fears and obstacles we avoid so artfully in our routine life.

What it means in practice?
Yes, it is not a standard way to spend your vacations. You are going to trek, sleep in a tent a few nights in the mountains, volunteer in eco-village, practice yoga and meditation daily, put your fears and weak points in words during sharing circles, be helpful, open your mind and practice radical acceptance to everyone and everything around you. We also see this expedition as a perfect way to balance men and women - in the group and within. In short - make the best use of 12 days with the support of like-minded people. Discovering beautiful Georgia and its people comes as a wonderful bonus. But journey itself is much more important than the destination we have chosen.

Who is this journey for?
It's for you, if you are ready to let changes into you live. You will come back a different person after this journey. That we can guarantee.
Trekking is possible for absolute beginners. We won't trek higher than 4000 m. We won't take any routes, that require special experience and equipment. We have been on this route before - we know where we are taking you.

We will be there to guide you and support you along your personal and very unique journey. We will be happy to share all we know, and of course, learn from you.
Why Georgia?
Kilometers of mountains
Mountains. Inspiring, changing. Glaciers, green hills, valleys and canyons. Mountains that transform you. Mountains that on the level of body let us understand that 'impossible' only exists in your mind. We will see glacier of Kazbegi mountain - second highest mountain of Kaukazus.
Welcome is not just a word
Welcoming guests is a deed of honour in Georgian culture - in cuisine, traditions, in every day life and especially - in eyes and smiles of local people.

Volunteering in Sunsurfers' eco-village
We will learn, what is means to come back to the very routes and live in absolute harmony with the nature: to use only non-chemical means in every day life, and cut comsumption to nearly zero-waste. A rare opportunity to participate in creation of a unique project in Georgia - eco-village that will later host events, festivals and retreats for healthy lifestyle and self-development.
Heaven for vegetarian people
Ripe fruits and fresh vegetables are waiting for us in August in Georgia. Add to it traditional Georgian cuisine - khachapuri, lobio, mushrooms with suluguni cheese, eggplants with walnuts - that's how you end up in a vegetarian heaven. And of course churchkhella - traditional desert, that we will learn how to make ourselves during one of our workshops!
Which places are we going to discover?
Tbilisi is not only the capital, it is also a typical city of contrast.
You can vividly feel architectural diversity, local charm and kind-hearted people.
Old meets new in buildings, people and traditions.
We are going to discover and unfold this city in a very special way - through a live quest around Tbilisi. Group tasks to unite with your travel mates, small gifts for achievements and very unexpected surprises will be waiting for you along the way.
Travelers go to this charming Georgian village for several reasons:
1. To See Mount Kazbek
2. Climb to the Gergeti Church (2170 m)
3. Start from here the ascent of Mount Kazbek or go to the Kazbek glaciers.
4. Stay at Hotel with Kazbegi view.
We will do all these things, except for the Top of Mount Kazbek :)
Mountain ski resort in winter and amazing tranquil place in summer.
We will come here to witness breathtaking mountain views and to face our fears.
We are going to experience paragliding here flying over the canyon.
Each of the brave you is going to observe this beauty from the birds point of view.
Region of Georgia that was once an independent state. Nowadays Kahetiya is part of Georgia famous with its vinegrows and views to Alazanskaya valley. We will also visit Bodbiyskiy monastery and Church of St Nina.

Аnd of course we will stay overnight in a hotel with a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains - Lapota Lake Resort and Spa.
Lovely town with cobbled paths, tiled roofs, high town wall 5 kilometers long and incredible views to Alazanskaya valley. Here life slows down, and you can enjoy uneventfulness and harmony.
One of the perks of this place is civil registry office, where you can get married 24/7 without applying in advance!
Our trip is called - Love from the First Sight - who said we meant Georgia? :)
Sun Eco-Village
Power Place, where like-minded people from all over the world share non-material values, life experience they lived through, skills and knowledge they learned. Place where each volunteer leaves a seed of heart and soul that will once grow into a powerful space. Space where humans can live in harmony with nature and where educational events, healthy lifestyle festivals and retreats will take place already by the end of 2019.
We will be a part of it. We will spend here a few days and experience how to live in a more ecological way. Boys will help with what is necessary in construction. Girls will help with cooking, making natural cosmetics, pick medicinal herbs and learn how to make Georgian churkhella.
Your True Self
That self, that is brave and fearless, that is capable to turn impossible into possible, that can experience and feel deep, share generously and love without expectations. That self, that can cry from gratitude and without expecting anything get everything. Your True Beautiful Self. That is our True Destination.
How much does it cost?
For early birds:
Booking before 05.05 - 1300$

For those who think twice:
Booking after 05.05 - 1400$

What's included: all transportation between our points for 12 days on a minibus, camping tents and sleeping bags, hotels and guesthouses (two people in one room), getting around quest in Tbilisi, fees to pay for the national parks, trekking permit, breakfasts, lunches and dinners for 3-days trekking and 3 days in eco-village, breakfasts in the hotels and guesthouses, 2 group leaders' love and attention 24/7, lunches and dinners in Tbilisi, photo-stories to remember.
Not included: flight to Tbilisi and back, personal insurance.

What else are we going to experience?
Therapeutic practices
One day of digital detox for deep connection with the nature and cleaning up the 'cashes' of your mind.
Lectures and workshops
Lectures on: public speaking, remote earning, balanced nutrition, harmonious and ecological relationships. Workshops to learn how to make churchkhella and... second one is a surprise :)
NO fast food
We suggest to abstain from greasy and meat-based food to be able to travel lighter and acclimatize better.
Sharing cicrles
Inspiring atmosphere of like-minded people. Kindred souls that share same values and goals there to listen, help and support you.
Are you ready?
What will change in your life after this trip?
New insights received from personal experience
You will discover that the World and reality is much bigger and deeper than you are used to see it.
More energy in your body
You would learn about energy levels in your body in practice. Even if you are totally sceptical, and never believed in it.
Level of perception
You will be able to see vicious circles in your routine life and receive the tools to be able to exit them once you are back.
Memories that come from your personal stories
Bright memories that give goosebumps and remind about this experience til the end of your life. Maybe even a fantastic video of our whole trip - we are working on it.
I often hear people say 'When I travel, I feel vividly that I am alive. I switch to a different mode'. That is scientifically correct - our brain switches to a 'unknown environment exploration' mode. That explains why we are more attentive, present, mindful and experience the reality much deeper. It is possible to live same way at home. But for this we first need to change our behavioral patterns. It is much easier to do while travelling, where we need to get out of our comfort zone constantly, speak different language, apply new skills. We can do all that at home tool, but while travelling, especially with the support of kindred souls, it happens naturally and with much less effort applied.

Sasha Wickenden
Your Navigator in Unforgettable Georgia
What is our agenda?
Day 1
Day 1
Arrival to Tbilisi. Meeting in the airport. Transfer to our hotel. Rest. Live-quest discovery of Tbilisi. Surprise workshop.
Sharing circle: getting to know each other, discussing the upcoming trip. Sleeping in a house in Tbilisi.

Day 2
Day 2
Morning yoga. Breakfast. Transfer from Tbilisi to Stepamnsmida. Setting up the base camp at the height of 2 200 meters. Dinner. Sharing circle. Sleeping in the base camp in the tents.
Day 3
Day 3
Morning yoga and breathing exercises in the mountains. Breakfast. Trekking for 6-7 hours with a lunch-picnic with unforgettable views on the way. Coming back to the base camp. Cooking dinner. Sharing circle by the fire. Sleeping in the tents.
Day 4
Day 4
Morning yoga and breathing exercises in the mountains. Breakfast. Trekking for 6-7 hours to Kazbegi glacier for the height of 3500 meters. Lunch-picnic on the way. This trekking is more difficult than the day before, but still possible for complete beginners. Coming back to the base camp. Cooking and eating dinner. Sleeping in the tents.
Day 5
Day 5
Morning yoga and breathing exercises. Breakfast. Walk to Gergetti church. Packing up base camp. Moving to Kazbegi hotel. Rest. Workshop on 'Public Speaking'. Dinner. Evening sharing circle.
Day 6
Day 6
Yoga. Breakfast. Transfer to Gudauri. Check-in the hotel. Trekking to the waterfall and back. Meeting local people living in the canyon. Helping with what we can. Paragliding. Sleeping in Gudauri.
Day 7
Day 7
Yoga. Breakfast. Transfer to Kahetiya - around 6 hours on the road. We will break them in the middle with a nice walk and dinner in a cozy Mtsheta - town of monasteries and churches. By the evening we will reach Signahi. Dinner. Evening sharing circle. Sleeping in a hotel in Signahi.
Day 8
Day 8
Yoga. Breakfast. Walking around the city. Transfer to Bodbiysky monastery. Walking around and having lunch. Transfer to Sunsurfers' eco-village after visiting the monastery. Arriving to eco-village. Set up camping. Dinner. Evening by a fire.
Day 9
Day 9
Yoga. Breakfast with eco-villagers. Briefing about eco-village and volunteering. Vollunteering. Lecture on medicinal herbs and workshop on how to make churchkhella. Dinner. Evening sharing circle.
Day 10
Day 10
Yoga. Breakfast with eco-villagers. Volunteering. Lunch. Seminar on 'Harmonious romantic relationships'. Dinner. Evening sharing circle about relationships with parents. This day we will experience digital detox to connect deeper to the nature and our inner selves.
Day 11
Day 11
Yoga in eco-village. Breakfast. Packing up camping. Transfer to Lopota Lake hotel in Kahetiya. Check-in. Lunch. Walking around. Seminar on 'Heathy Nutrition'. Rest in SPA complex: swimming pool, hammam. Dinner. Evening sharing circle. Sleeping in Kahetiya in Lopota Lake hotel.
Day 12
Day 12
Yoga. Breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to Tbilisi. Visiting sulfur boiler (banya) in Tbilisi. Closing Ceremony of the Journey - festive dinner, sharing emotions, gratitude, concluding the trip. Sleeping in a house in Tbilisi.
Day 13
Day 13
Yoga. Breakfast. Saying good byes. Departure.

We traveled a lot. A lot lot. Why we decided to share? For the same reason 99% of people in the world decide to create families and have kids - to pass on the essence, show secret places, share emotions, take care and smile happily watching the first brave steps. Not interesting for us to store up anymore. By sharing knowledge and skills we grow and develop ourselves -
so the process is mutual.
Sasha Wickenden
Instagram: @sasha.wickenden
Sasha travels non-stop for the past 7 years. Visited 60+ countries on 4 continents. Celebrated her 30th birthday on top of Kilimanjaro volcano at the altitude of 5985 m above the sea level. Together with Nadezhda Sasha visited Arctic Ocean behind the polar circle just this January. Co-Founder of the community of Free Spirited Nomads Sunsurfers. Owner of a cloud company — Translation Boutique A+. Co-Founder of Thorny Journey and Ayurvedic Hair Oil Story Amrapali.

'Trying to experience every day as the new and only one, and sincerely believe that impossible is possible'.
Nadezhda Nasyrova
Instagram: @nadezhda.np
Nadezhda practices yoga. Travels the world independently more than 7 years, visited over 30 countries. This experience taught Nadya that traveling is a beautiful way to experience the world as it is, discover herself through other people and events, and unfold her limitless abilities! Together with Sasha Nadezhda visited Arctic Ocean behind the polar circle just this January.Ambassador of Sunsurfers community of Free Spirited Nomads in Kazan. Organizing team-building events and projects for adults and kids for the past 10+ years.

«Through travelling and communicating with people of different cultures, languages and religions, we understand that our true essence is the same».
What is mindful travelling for us?
Check out our videos from Journeys to Tenerife and Spain.
Journey to Tenerife, Spain. May 2018.
Journey to Peru. March 2018.
Giving word to those, who has already been to a Thorny Journey with us :)
We can show you opportunities.
But only you choose if to use them or not.
What are we going to eat?
Georgia is full of fruits and vegetables, amazing variety of local food. Also it is heaven for vegetarian and vegan people. Speaking about Georgian food is a crime, it just has to be eaten :)
Where are we going to sleep?
We are going to stay in hotels and guesthouses in double rooms. We are also planning to rent a house for the whole group in Tbilisi. During mountain trekking and eco-village two persons are going to share a two-persons tent with a sleeping bag. Tents and sleeping bags are provided and included in the price. Also detailed route above has description of places we will sleep in each night.
How difficult is trekking?
In short - everyone without any special preparation can do it.
What are we going to move around with?
With minibuses, cars and a lot with our legs - prepare to loose a few kg :)
Who will be travelling with me?
We are gathering a small group of 10-12 people. We are wishing it to be gender balanced, as this journey is a lot about men and women energy balance. We will be interviewing each applicant before approving to check the intentions and understanding of our journey format. Once we have completed the group, we will create an online chat, where you will be able to meet each other before the trip, and maybe even plan the flights together, if you are flying from one place.

Group will be leaded by two experienced navigators, who have been together to 90+ countries, 30+ mountains and volcanoes (including erupting ones), under water, in the sky (paragliding), in the true jungles with orangutans, in the countries with state of emergency, behind polar circle and survived :)
Do I need insurance?
Yes, insurance is obligatory. It shall include trekking. We will be happy to assist you in getting one, once your application is approved.
First aid kit? Vaccination?
No vaccination is required for Georgia.

Most first-aid medicine can be purchased in local pharmacies without a prescription. If you have any chronic illnesses, we recommend to take medicine with you. Please also inform us, in case you have serious chronic illness in advance. We will have a first-aid kit with us, in case somethings happens on the way.
What are the must-haves to bring?
  • Swimming suit, trunks.
  • 2-3 light dresses, t-shirts, skirts, shorts, long sleeve and trousers for colder evenings.
  • Trekking clothes - trekking shoes or comfortable sports shoes with thick sole, flis or hoody, softshell (if any), light rapid-drying trousers (yoga pants would also do), light long sleeve shirts, raincoat, thin gloves, buff, hat, forehead torch, trekking socks, light towel, drinking bottle or drinking system, sunscreen 50 SPF.
  • Underwear.
  • Reusable handkerchiefs - we try to be as eco as possible
Other stuff:
  • Pen and small notebook
  • Passport.
  • Money. Better to take a combination of cash in USD and debit/ credit cards to cash out later.
  • Open mind
What if I pay, but cannot go?
We are happy to return everything, what wasn't paid to our subcontractors and minus or expenses incurred by the moment of cancellation. If you or we will find a replacement for you, we will be able to refund everything by replacing you with another traveller. If you decide to cancel your trip, you need to inform us immediately.
What is something happens to me during the journey?
First, we mentioned that insurance is obligatory. Second, you will be guided by two experienced group navigators. Unforeseen circumstances happened to us before and we know how to handle it. For instance, these lines are written right now bu Sasha Wickenden from Sri Lanka after terror attacks and an upcoming very severe cyclon.
Any questions? Ask!
We will be happy to talk to you :)
Telegram: @sasha_wickenden
WhatsApp: Nadezhda
Сколько стоит путешествие?
Раннее бронирование
При бронировании до 25.03 стоимость тура составит 3 250 долл.США

Для тех, кто долго думает
При бронировании после 26.03 стоимость тура составит 3 750 долл.США
When are we travelling?
Unforgettable Georgia

15 August — 28 August 2019

Duration: 13 days

Leave your application below,
or ask your questions
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